Feagler Feedback

Your December Dick Feagler cover brought back fond memories of the 1970s. Then, Cleveland Maga-zine editor Diana Tittle recruited me and other female writers to focus an entire issue for and about women. We were thrilled … until Dick Feagler appeared on the cover. Granted, I cannot speak for other writers of that issue, but I was deeply offended at first. Why did the mostly male editorial wizards pick a man for the cover of a women’s issue? Then, I quickly realized that a gifted writer deserves credit, regardless of sex. Keep cranking out your thought-provoking and entertaining stuff, Dick.

Tina Langlotz

Altamonte Springs, Fla.

Dick Feagler as Santa Claus? No, no, Dick Feagler as Scrooge. Are you trying to ruin his reputation?

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