May 2008 Letters

Hats off
Despite Tom O’Toole’s protestations to the contrary, there is a philosophy behind the “hat” act (“The Man in the Yellow Hat,” April 2008). O’Toole is trying to be bigger than the game, superior to the other fans, and feels he must entertain us. The Fox network apparently agrees. During the last few AL Championship Series games, Fox changed the camera angle on left-handed batters and we were thankfully rid of this guy and his caps, nationwide. Bill Veeck is spinning.
Morgan E. Jacox
Erie, Pa.

It’s not you, it’s me
I am writing to ask that you not renew myCleveland Magazine subscription and to cease any further attempts to retain my business. With that, it is only fair that I explain my reasoning behind this move. Straight up, there is very little in your magazine that interests me. My health/vanity is not a big concern so the endless pages of doctors, hospitals and face-lifts are meaningless. I have found we often have differing ideas what’s “best,” the beautiful people are not that beautiful, and I don’t need your annual reminder that I purchased a home in a less than Top 10 suburb. My first subscription to Cleveland Magazine was in the late ’70s. I still have the issue featuring the late great Gary Dee and John Lanigan. Upon returning to Northeast Ohio a few years ago, I again picked up a subscription, so I have given you folks a more than fair shot. I wish things had turned out differently for us. It’s entirely my fault. But I think it best that we part as friends with the fond memories of what we had together.
Rich Marshall
Middleburg Heights

Editor’s Note: Rich, I blame this crazy, mixed-up world for our growing apart. But don’t throw away our phone number. We’d still be open to catching a movie with you sometime.

Anonymous Voice Mail of the Month
I just want to say congratulations. “A Zoo Story” (April 2008) by John Hyduk touched my heart, and I cried. John is right. Those of us whose parents and grandparents came to Cleveland from Europe all have these wonderful memories. Stories like this were what establishedCleveland Magazine years ago. And there were lots of them with John Tidyman and Dick Feagler, Mike Roberts and all. We need more writing like this in the magazine.
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