Morning Joe

Breakfast has always been my favorite meal.

Maybe it's because the first sit-down of the day offers so many opportunities for bacon and sausage, hash browns and home fries, omelets and fried eggs — which all pair perfectly with a few cups of coffee. Or it could be that as a rule-follower, I've been programmed to appreciate (like 93 percent of Americans, according to the USDA) that breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. Or maybe it's just how special those Sunday mornings felt as a kid when we'd stop at Perkins or the Golden Platter after church.

So I completely understand Rob Ivanov at an almost spiritual level. "People are very serious about their brunch. They know what they want," says the owner of Touch Supper Club. "A lot of times people come here and don't even look at a menu and order."

You'll forgive me, then, if my fried eggs need to be cooked without a hint of runniness or if my youngest would like the chorizo gravy on the side for dipping her cornbread. It's also why well-stocked bloody mary and mimosa bars are popping up like so many holiday decorations throughout the city.

Yes, breakfast can in fact be a passionate affair. Consider Kim Schneider's case for an extra day of weekend brunch or Justin Williams' plea for a bold chef to take up cereal as the next great elevated restaurant concept. Or have another look at Heather Haviland's waffles on this month's cover.

There are few chefs in town as committed to the morning meal as Haviland. Like everything at Lucky's Cafe, her gingerbread waffles, sauteed apples (gooey with nice, crisp pieces) and caramel sauce (drizzled to overflowing) are all house-made. And that whipped cream? It's about half the size of the extra-large ice cream scoop Haviland usually heaps upon her creation. (In fact, she insisted that the dish get the full treatment when it was finally time to dig in after the photo shoot wrapped.)

So there really is no excuse to skip. Whether your a.m. preference is an egg white frittata or sweet plantain baked French toast, this month's "Morning Glory" feature will have you waking up to the possibilities of getting your day started out right.

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