Settling Down

Settling Down

I was absolutely thrilled to read the Talking Points essay ("Home Stand," August 2012). I am part of a coalition in Ohio City that came together to support this housing model proposed in our community, which was greatly misunderstood by many area residents. Your article states beautifully why I support this housing program, and sets the record straight on what this program is about. Sadly, the Housing First model did not move forward here, but many of us are hopeful that it will in the future.

Bob Shores


Bright Ideas

The story on Alan Glazen ("Mad Man," August 2012) has made me so proud to be in Cleveland. It is very, very inspiring to read about the people who are brave enough to make a difference.


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Wine Buzz

We enjoyed your issue on Ohio wineries but cannot help commenting on South River Vineyard ("Spiritual Bouquet," July 2012). The owners have seen fit to place two bobbleheads of Jesus and a photo of a nun in their bar. This is so unthinkably disrespectful of Christianity in this so-called tolerant time in which we live. Get rid of those things before we can consider patronizing your establisment.

Martha Kirsch

pepper pike

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