Sounding Off

Sounding Off

Why isn't Jimmy Bell's Still In Town by 15-60-75 on the list of ultimate Cleveland albums in "25 Reasons We Rock" (April 2012)? David Thomas of Pere Ubu, which is on the list, called Jimmy Bell "the only good album ever recorded by anyone." They are one of the few bands from this area who are still playing.


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Familiar Face

I'm still laughing at the thought of Steve Gleydura trying to figure out North and South Park boulevards in "Lost Causes" (April 2012). My husband, Dan, owned the former Campus Drug store from 1979 thru 1997. I also used to work there. From the picture of Steve in the magazine, I'm assuming that's about the time he was stocking the cases. My sons also worked there and came home with their "delivery" stories. Good luck with your Foursquare page, I'll be following it. It will be better than
my GPS.

Sandra Baumal

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On a Roll

"Meals Off Wheels" (March 2012) features two cool guys with great, affordable food, who help make Cleveland an interesting place to eat out at. I hope they both are as successful with their restaurants as they are with their food trucks.


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