Spruced-up Suburbs

Here’s a vote for being less exclusive.

I know, it’s what our cover promises: Cleveland’s 10 Most Exclusive Neighborhoods.

There you’ll find a baseball Hall of Famer, a home with a $13,000 oven (invented by a Nobel Prize-winning physicist and one of only 750,000 in the world), and a private club founded in 1908 when several hounds were purchased in England (and whose bloodlines carry on).
Go inside these enclaves with senior editor Colleen Mytnick and you’ll discover a lot more too, including a great tip for what to bring the next time you’re invited to a potluck in one of these neighborhoods (salmon seems to always be appropriate).

It’s what Cleveland Magazine delivers every month: strong reporting, engaging writing, unique perspectives and a fresh look at the subjects we cover — no matter whether its politics, the suburbs or million-dollar homes.
In fact, our pages are built around giving you what’s “best,” providing an “inside look,” revealing what’s “new,” or highlighting what we “love” about this city.

But there are times when it’s good to be less exclusive, like the recently redesigned Clevelandmagazine.com. For the past few years, much or our site was available to subscribers only. Sure, you could browse the cover lines and search for a restaurant, but if you wanted the good stuff, you needed to be part of the club.

But not anymore. Clevelandmagazine.com is bigger and better with more content, new features and no passwords.

Podcasts. Every month you can get a behind-the-scenes look at the new issue by downloading our podcast (or subscribe via iTunes). We’ll interview the writers and editors to add more depth and perspective on their stories. And on occasion, include additional audio from some of our story subjects. This month, look for Colleen Mytnick talking about what she found while going “Inside the Enclaves” for our July cover story.

Web-only content. Look for additional stories, polls and expanded coverage that complements what you’ll find in the pages of Cleveland Magazine. In July, you’ll find an essay from a teen who attends private school in one of our exclusive neighborhoods but doesn’t live there. Plus, check out slide shows from our exclusive neighborhoods and the creation of a Guitarmania guitar. Every month, we’ll be providing frequent updates via blogs from our editors and freelancers. (Though it may be tough to relive the crushing losses, look for Jennifer Kessen’s blogs and David Richard’s photos from Games 3 and 4 of the NBA Finals.)

E-mail newsletters. It’s what you love most about Cleveland Magazine — the best information on where to eat and what to do — now more often. With our new Web site, Cleveland Magazine is enhancing its e-mail offerings. We’ll deliver our picks for the weekend every Thursday with the hottest concerts, coolest shows and best places to see and be seen in our Arts & Entertainment newsletter. Plus, look for our new Food & Drink newsletter every Wednesday, when we’ll highlight wine tastings, special events and tasty news bites from the restaurant scene.
And in the coming months, we’ll be adding a look at style and shopping, and a peek at upcoming issues before they hit the newsstand.

Food and fun. We know you look to Cleveland Magazine for our coverage of restaurants and entertainment. Now, our site makes it easier than ever to find the perfect place to eat or the event that fits your mood. Upcoming events are listed right on the home page and are searchable through our database. Likewise, you can check out our restaurant spotlight or search for what you’re craving with a single click.
Party pictures. More parties, more pictures and more options (you can now email your photo to a friend or purchase a print from our photographer). We’ll be on the town more often, taking more photos for our site that you can browse anytime.

More you. As we continue to develop the site, we’re working on new ways for you to interact with the magazine (note the prominent links to send us a letter or comment). We’ll offer even more contests (serve up your best barbecue recipe or enter to win a prize a day all summer long). And soon, we’d like to add discussion boards and the ability for you to have greater participation in the magazine.

Plus, everything you enjoyed about our former members-only site is still here, just wrapped in a more engaging package. It just doesn’t make us feel as snobby.
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