Words of Art

Dan Coughlin's comment ("Life According to Dan Coughlin," November 2010) regarding Art Modell reminded me of Modell saying he figured out a way to get into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. He said he was going to change his name to EXIT.

Louis H. Pumphrey
Shaker Heights

No Sale

I love the idea of authors' houses ("House Call," November 2010), but the Edgar Allen Poe house in Baltimore is in a sketchy neighborhood and there are few artifacts.

Christina Phillis

Comments From The Web

The best comment I've ever heard about beer night ("Life According to Dan Coughlin," November 2010) was on the news when Casey Coleman quoted Dick Goddard's solution to the beer-night idiots. "Combine 10 cent beer night with a small handgun giveaway and let the problem solve itself." Goddard just shook his head in disbelief that Casey was telling on him.

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