20 Sexy Singles 2012: Alicia Pignataro

Alicia Pignataro, 28

Business systems analyst

The perfect date: Dinner, drinks. Something casual. Nothing fancy or stiff.

Something most people don't know about me: I want to make my own iPhone app. It's related to clothing.

My passion: Trying new things

Biggest turn-on: A good sense of style and a nice smile. No '80s jeans. If you don't know what that means, you're probably wearing them.

Biggest turnoff: A know-it-all is definitely a turnoff.

I own too many: pairs of jeans. I kind of have of thing for jeans. I own 30 pairs.

My favorite ... place in Cleveland: Ohio City restaurants, like Bar Cento. The fries are my favorite. ... book: Jemima J by Jane Green. It's really funny. It's about a British girl who meets a guy on the Internet. ... musician/band: The Black Keys. I want to go in March. ... sports team: The Browns. My dad used to have season tickets. ... TV show: Friends. Even though it took place in the '90s, it's still relatable today. ... vacation destination: Any beach anywhere on the California coast. It's laid back and I love the ocean. ... dessert: my co-worker's homemade biscotti. ... blog: My friend's blog, beautyandmyfeast.com. It's about the new restaurants she goes to.

My usual hangout: I don't have one. I like to go to happy hour at different places.

In high school I was ... social.

And now I'm ... still the same.

My best feature: My teeth. I take good care of them.

My bad habit: I'm the messiest "neat person." All my drawers are pretty bad.

My first kiss: was in middle school. I had braces. It was awkward.

My guilty pleasure: Reality TV. The stupidity of Jersey Shore is addicting.

How my ex would describe me: He'd probably say, "I wish you the best."

Going out or staying in: Going out. I'm not a homebody. I don't stay out super late, but I like to be out doing things.

Early, late or right on time: A little late, but my New Year's resolution is to be early.

Dogs or cats: Dogs. I'm allergic to cats, and dogs have more personality.

Dancing ... yes or no? After a couple drinks, I can bust a move.

Twitter ... yes or no? Yes. My sister and I have a fashion blog: @LPAstyleguide.

My longest relationship: 5 1/2 years, minus all the breakups

Beer, wine or martinis: Beer. I love seasonals.

Roses or chocolates: Neither. I think they're both cheesy.

My No. 1 dating rule: Just relax and have fun. If it's going to happen, it's going to happen.

My deal-breaker: Someone that's boring

I hate when a date ... checks his phone constantly. Keep it in your pocket, guys.

But I love when a date ... wants to share a few dishes at dinner, instead of ordering his own meal. It's more fun that way. 

Worst pickup line: I can't stand when people yell out of their car at me. I'm not going stop and say, "Come over here!"

If I could date anyone: Bradley Cooper. He's talented, good looking and dresses well. And he has nice eyes.

On a first date I never ... pay for dinner (hopefully).

Best place to meet someone: I'm still single, so maybe I'm not the best person to ask.

Most unusual place I've met someone: On a girl's trip in Miami. He was from New Jersey. It lasted a couple months.

My take on Cleveland's single scene: Honestly, I think it's the same as any other city. Having a bad attitude about Cleveland sure isn't going to get you anywhere. No one wants to date someone who's miserable where they live.

What I find sexy about myself: My long, luscious locks! (laughs)

Why I'm single: I'm too picky. And right now I'm enjoying being single. You only have yourself to worry about. It's easy.

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