20 Sexy Singles: Gabriella Mileti

Gabriella Mileti, 28

Newspaper editor

The perfect date: Anything but going to a movie theater. It's terrible. You can't get to know someone.

Something most people don't know about me: I'm a huge geek at heart. When I moved to Milan, I would study maps so I would know exactly where I was going when I went out — the subway lines, the tram lines, all of the stops. I love knowing where things are.

My passion: Fashion. To me it symbolizes a dream. It pulls you from reality into this perfect world where everything is beautiful. I'm a dreamer and I always was.

My favorite ... sports team: I love the Cleveland Browns, even though they don't win. I love the soccer team A.C. Milan in Italy. Soccer is in the blood of Italians. Being in the stadium has a magical energy. Browns fans are passionate, but Italians take it to a different level. ... musician/band: Florence and The Machine, Lana Del Ray and Coldplay. ... TV show: Modern Family. I couldn't watch it in Milan, so I had to watch it illegally on the computer. ... place in Cleveland: I love Wade Oval and the University Circle area. I majored in art history, so I love the Cleveland Museum of Art. ... book: The Da Vinci Code. ... vacation destination: Southern Italy. When I lived in Milan, we would go on weekend trips to the Alps, the beaches, Portofino. You could get on a train and in a couple of hours be in a totally different landscape. ...way to exercise: Brazil Butt Lift. It changed my life — the results, how quick it is, and it's fun. ... month: August. It equals vacation in Italy. ... website: Style.com. ... drink: Nero d'Avola wine from Sicily. It's very rich, but hard to find in Northeast Ohio.

My usual hangout: On the couch. I'm a homebody, especially in the winter. If my friends can get me to go out, I love Dante in Tremont.

In high school I was ... shy.

And now I'm ... the first one to get up and sing karaoke at a party. 

My No. 1 dating rule: Be yourself and have fun. I don't think there are really any rules, just don't play games.

My deal-breaker: A guy who does not like to travel. Traveling is my passion, after fashion, of course.

On a first date I never ... wear flats. Unless we're going on an adventurous first date. 

Biggest turn-on: Style and a sense of humor. I like a European style. He has to be suave, not wearing baggy jeans and a jersey.

Biggest turnoff: Not being cultured. Someone who doesn't have a thirst to travel or to experience different cultures or who doesn't know that the Mona Lisa is in the Louvre — those things get to me.

My hidden talent: I am quite an accomplished cook, thanks to my mother.

I own too many: Little black dresses. I own at least 30, maybe more. I have hundreds of pairs of shoes. I usually wear a stiletto heel, at least 4 inches. I could run a marathon in heels.

My best feature: My smile.

My bad habit: I'm a perfectionist but also a procrastinator. Being a perfectionist, I have this ideal of the perfect man, and I'm not going to settle for less. I have to learn to be easier about that.

My first kiss: It was a long time ago.

My guilty pleasure: Chocolate, really all sweets combined with salty.

How my ex would describe me: A really nice girl.

How my best friend would describe me: Like a sister.

Going out or staying in: staying in ... Staying in.

Early, late or right on time: Right on time. If someone says, 8 o'clock, I'll roll in at 7:59. I don't like when people are late. It's the rudest thing anyone could do.

Morning person or night owl: Morning person.

Dogs or cats: I love dogs, but I don't like the fur and having to take care of it. It's like having a baby that never grows up.

iPhone or Android: iPhone.

Dancing ... yes or no: I love to dance, but I don't dance like I used to. I would go to clubs in Milan, but here there isn't anything that excites me.

Twitter ... yes or no: Yes. I can get all of my news on the fashion world. I once had a journalist in Greece use one of my tweets in his story. That was pretty cool.

My longest relationship: Six months. I haven't really found anyone that's worth my time. I don't want to waste other people's time, so it's best to be honest.

My biggest goal right now: To be happy in every aspect of my life, career, family, friends, bank account, relationships. It's been a huge transition for me coming back from Italy, and I'm trying to find my balance right now.

Celebrity crush: Hugh Jackman.

Most unusual place I've met someone: The supermarket in Milan. But it's who I met that was unusual. I ran into Monaco's Prince Pierre Casiraghi two Mondays in a row at the supermarket. We just small-talked. I didn't know who he was at the time.

My take on Cleveland's single scene: It's very tough. It's a great place to raise a family, but being single here is tough.

What do you find sexy about yourself? I'm comfortable in my own skin. I can go from sweatpants and a sweatshirt to a little black dress.

Why do you think you are single? I'm rather picky when it comes to guys. I'm not about to settle, so I choose wisely.
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