20 Sexy Singles: Marcus Walter

Marcus Walter, 26


The perfect date: Something simple, like watch a movie, then grab a bite to eat. If there's a choice between a club or someone's house, I would rather go to someone's house.

Something most people don't know about me: My mother was shot when I was in fourth or fifth grade. The police had an altercation a couple of blocks away, and she got hit by a stray bullet. She survived, and she's fine now.

My passion: Weather is one of my passions. ... One of these days I would love to host the Academy Awards. I'm not funny like a typical comedian, but the situations I've been in and how I put stories together, I will make it funny.

My favorite ... sports team: Chicago Bulls. I still bleed red and back. When I grew up in Chicago, Jordan was there. ... musician/band: Beyoncé. ... TV show: The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. They play the reruns over and over so I grew up watching it. [He starts singing the theme song word-for-word.] ... place in Cleveland: I live close to Edgewater. You have an amazing view of the city and the lake and places I can ride my bike. ... book: Angels and Demons and The Hunger Games. ... vacation destination: San Juan, Puerto Rico. I go with a friend who is from there. ... way to exercise: Through playing games like basketball or volleyball. I get the most out of it through friendly competition. ... month: June, because it's my birthday month. ... website: TVnewser.com. ... drink: Grey Goose with apple and cranberry juice.

My usual hangout: The Barley House on West Sixth.

In high school I was ... a nerd. Not the classic nerd, but still in that category because I was really into weather.

And now I'm ... the person who "did it." I said I was going to do this and I did.

My No. 1 dating rule: I will assume that if you ask me out, you are paying, unless we say otherwise. I don't want any confusion. I don't want someone to ask me out and then take me to a really expensive place assuming I will pay. Because then you're in my wallet now.

My deal-breaker: Someone who is too needy. Because I work in TV, my schedule changes a lot. If you want to spend all your time with me, if you get upset when I have to go to work, that's too needy.

On a first date I never ... say never. You never know what will happen on a first date.

Biggest turn-on: I enjoy a girl with a pretty smile, a fun personality and a positive attitude.

Biggest turnoff: Someone who is over the top in everything they do. They talk loud, are high strung; I want someone with confidence, but not the kind that's too much.

My hidden talent: When I was younger, I used to be able to sing. With vocal training, I could probably get it back.

I own too many ... TVs. I have three TVs in a small apartment — one in the living room and two being stored in the guest room.

My best feature: My smile.

My bad habit: Eating too much junk food. I am big fan of Wendy's.

My guilty pleasure: Watching reality TV. My favorites are Flipping Out and the Real Housewives. You just sit back and laugh at these people.

How my ex would describe me: A good guy, someone who will do things for you if you need help. I haven't had too many bad breakups.

How my best friend would describe me: Someone who's a good guy who works hard, someone who hasn't had everything handed to him.

Going out or staying in: When I go out, I don't stay out very late since I work weekends. Wednesday night and Thursday nights you'll find me out later.

Early, late or right on time: I try to get there early. But no one's perfect.

Morning person or night owl: Morning person. On Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays I am at work at 9 a.m. But on Saturdays and Sundays I have to be there at 4:30 a.m.

Dogs or cats: Dogs. But I have pet allergies, so I don't have one.

iPhone or Android: iPhone

Dancing ... yes or no: I like to dance. I recently took Cuban salsa classes at Cleveland Swing and Salsa.

Twitter ... yes or no: Yes. Mostly for work. It's one of those ways you don't have to give out much information, and people can reach out if they want.

My longest relationship: Off and on for two years.

My biggest goal right now: To make sure I am moving forward in my career but that doesn't mean moving on from Cleveland. I want to continue to grow as a meteorologist and newscaster.

Celebrity crush: Beyoncé and Kerry Washington.

Most unusual place I've met someone: At a weather conference.

My take on Cleveland's single scene: I don't see many single people out. Maybe that's because of coming from New York, where everyone is single. Granted, I have to go to bed early on Friday and Saturday night, so maybe that's part of it.

What do you find sexy about yourself? My smile. When I have on a suit, a haircut and a smile, that's when I think people would think I'm sexy.

Why do you think you are single? Since I just got here, I'm working to try to do my job well. My work as of now takes precedence over everything else, so I haven't been as aggressive about seeking out someone to date.

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