Dutch Connection

Chad Bilyeu may have moved from Cleveland to Amsterdam in 2009, but he never forgot Northeast Ohio. Since forming Another Bullshit Night From Cleveland with fellow disc jockeys 3,900 miles across the Atlantic Ocean, the group has been filling its Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter pages with everything Cleveland — from traffic jams to MOCA events. We asked Bilyeu to share his reasons for keeping the long-distance romance.

The Food // "People really don't understand how good our food is in Cleveland. A polish boy is a sandwich indicative of Cleveland. We have the second largest local food scene in the states, which is something a lot of people don't know."

The Music // "Cleveland was basically the third city in the states that was playing hip-hop on the radio. It was a show called Club Style on WDMT, and I believe they first aired in 1980. Cleveland has a very strong hip-hop scene."

The Resilience // "People are out there every day hustling, thinking outside the box. Cleveland is alchemy. It's making gold out of lead. If you live in Cleveland, you've got to be an alchemist."

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