Jenna Vaught

Jenna Vaught,
Miss Plus America Elite, podiatric student and mom

>Life of the party or quiet and mysterious? LOTP, but I don’t mind sharing the spotlight.

>Books or magazines? I read a lot of both. Classics like Hemingway and travel, fashion, fitness and cooking magazines.

>Your best feature: My butt — it’s big.

>Three things you can’t live without: iPod, lipstick, gym pants.

>How would your best friend describe you? Very outgoing and dynamic. Grown up but fun and easygoing.

>How would your ex describe you? My exes all still love me. Oh, and they’d say that I was hot.

>What would you do if you didn’t have to work? Get my pilot’s license and live everywhere and nowhere.

>What do you wish more men knew about women? If they would let us think we’re right every now and then, things would be better.

>What’s your biggest turn-off? Adults who play video games.

>What’s your favorite ... place on earth?  The Maldives in the Indian Ocean. ... way to relax? Read the newspaper. ... TV show? “CSI.” ... movie? “Before Sunrise.” ... drink? Great tequila, straight up with a lime. ... food? Chocolate cake that I baked.
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