Most Eligible Singles: Jenna Elmore

Jenna Elmore, 29
Nurse, lead singer in a Top-40 dance band called Twist, and fitness instructor

How she caught our eye: Brash and sure of herself with a quick laugh and a great bod (courtesy of fitness class gigs at CSU and CWRU), Elmore has a soft side, too. Fulfillment for this nurse means taking great care of her patients.

The perfect date: Something where we can totally interact with each other. Either playing pool or going bowling, going to dinner. I like interaction.

Something most people don't know about me: I worked at Disney world when I was 19 for about a year. I worked at Pleasure Island. I was the door girl and a cocktail server.

My passion: Nursing, because I want to be able to provide such a safe and caring environment for my patients. The fitness, helping people just enjoy it, doing fun dance routines. I teach at Cleveland State's rec center and 1-2-1 at Case Western.

Biggest turn-on: A really nice smile and somebody who can make me laugh all the time

Biggest turnoff: Someone who wears too much cologne and has bad hygiene

I own too many: Probably tote bags or handbags. I have five sitting on my chair right now.

My favorite ...
... place in Cleveland:
Anywhere on East Fourth
... book: I like the author Jodi Picoult. Anything on the best-seller list, I'm usually into.
... musician/band:
Carrie Underwood. I love country music.
... sports team:
Cleveland Browns, although I'm totally fair-weather. I couldn't tell you the lineup if I tried.
... TV show:  The Real Housewives . I like New York City. 
... vacation destination:
I've always wanted to go to Greece, the Greek Isles. They look so beautiful. Anywhere warm and sunny and has a pool, I'm in.
... dessert:
Any sort of gummy candy. Gummy bears, Swedish Fish.
... blog:
I'll go to Perez Hilton every once in a while.

My usual hangout: Flannery's is usually easy for my friends to go to. Anywhere in Ohio City or Coventry. I'm a downtowner. I can go out basically anywhere. 

In high school I was ... incredibly shy. People don't believe me
And now I'm ...
[laughs] making up for lost time.

My best feature: My eyes or my smile

My bad habit: Picking my fingers

My first kiss: I actually blacked out on my first kiss. I remember it was in ninth grade at the high school football game. I think I was so nervous, and all that anticipation. I finally came to, and I'm like, Oh, I just had my first kiss.

My guilty pleasure: Getting massages and pampering myself

How my ex would describe me: I'm very independent and always on the go, but a lot of fun when I have time for you.

Going out or staying in: A mix of both

Early, late or right on time: Always early

Dogs or cats: Anything that doesn't shed heavily. I just don't like hair all over my clothes. I'm a diva.

Dancing ... yes or no?: Definitely

Twitter ... yes or no?: No

My longest relationship: in total, probably about three or four years. On again, off again — that syndrome.

Beer, wine or martinis: I'm usually a vodka girl, but I love a glass of chardonnay.

Roses or chocolates: As long as it's not stuffed animals, I'm good.

My No. 1 dating rule: I don't know if I have a dating rule. I try to let the guy come and meet me

My deal-breaker: A heavy drinker

I hate when a date ... is late.

But I love when a date ... makes me feel like I'm the only woman in the world, in the room.

Worst pickup line: I can't think of any.

If I could date anyone: Somebody who's very driven and always wanting to better themselves. Someone with a great sense of humor and is good looking. Is that so vain? Probably. 

On a first date I never ... disclose too much information.

Best place to meet someone: Naturally. It's so forced now, like online dating, and it just has to have some sort of randomness to it.

Most unusual place I've met someone: I actually met someone at the airport and then ended up sitting next to each other on the plane. We hung out for like a month after.

My take on Cleveland's single scene: I think it's tough to meet people, but there are so many people around. I think it's easier if you know people, if you have a lot of friends, and they have a lot of friends.
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