Most Interesting People 2010 - Dick Clough

Dick Clough
Ad man & greeting card
character model | 62

Why he’s interesting … The CEO of Custom Media Partners, Clough stumbled into a modeling role as a mad professor in a line of American Greetings concept cards that could come out this year at Walmart stores. December marked the 25th anniversary of Clough’s nonprofit, the Tour of Good Cheer, which brings toys and clothing to local homeless shelters.

Winds of change … A blustery July wind left his hair standing up on the way to a meeting. His client, working for American Greetings at the time, had been searching for a model with a natural mad scientist look, and Clough was it. “I don’t know if it’s flattering when someone says you look like a mad scientist. But it is humorous.”

Hair raising … It’s Clough’s real hair in the photos. “I have a lot more respect for ladies. There was so much hair spray; it took 10 washes to get it out.”

Good cheer … After his divorce 25 years ago, Clough was looking for something to do for Christmas. He filled his car with plush animals and gave them to Charity Hospital patients. He has continued the tradition, calling it the Tour of Good Cheer.

And then … Clough adopted nine homeless shelters. Every December, he and 25 to 30 people pack a bus with clothing and toys and pass them out over eight hours. Over the years, Clough estimates they have handed out 10,000 to 15,000 gifts from his strictly volunteer nonprofit.

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