Most Interesting People 2013: Andy Tveekrem

Andy Tveekrem

brewmaster at market garden brewery and nano brew, 49

His favorite brew While he's most proud of Market Garden's Wallace Tavern Scotch Ale and Pearl Street Wheat, he says "that's like asking which one is your favorite child. I kind of like 'em all."

On the alphabet "I like everything with a B: beer, bicycles, bowling." He plays in a bowling league (he's averaging 162 lately) with the other entrepreneurs and restaurateurs from Tremont and Ohio City and tries to bike to work daily.

His mentor Thaine Johnson, the former brewmaster of Quincy Avenue's Christian Schmidt Brewing Co., which shut down in 1984. Johnson served as a consultant for Great Lakes Brewing Co. in its early days and would wander the brewery with Tveekrem trading tips and life lessons during lunch. "I like to think that maybe I'm a connection between Cleveland's brewing past and Cleveland's future in brewing."

Keeping it fresh While the lattice of hops on Market Garden's patio are just for aesthetics, the brewpub is looking to grow some for actual use in Ohio City's urban farm. "I like to be in touch with my ingredients. Eventually, I can go out and literally look at the hops, help to pick them if I want."

on tap To give people something different, he's looking into ciders. "I'll always have something fermenting upstairs."

Festive flop While at Dogfish Head, he tried to make a lager using a type of blue-green algae for St. Patrick's Day. "We threw this stuff in it, and it turned bright green, but only for a day. The beer smelled like a frog pond. Not my best idea."

On daily doses "I can't recall a day without tasting beer. Two liters a day keeps the doctor away."

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