Most Interesting People 2014

Stories by Kathy Ames Carr, James Bigley II, Joe Boyle, Jason Brill, Ryllie Danylko, Matt Fredmonsky, Barry Goodrich, Sheehan Hannan, Kara Kissell, Jennifer Keirn, Jillian Kramer, Pat McManamon, Rebecca Meis

Meet the author who penned a novel so juicy and controversial it made us blush and the man known for his whiskey-aging process that takes weeks instead of years. Plus, we spread random acts of kindness with comedian Ricky Smith, set up shop with Cleveland Flea founder Stephanie Sheldon and talk Ohio pride with the Indians' Nick Swisher. Read on for the rest of this year's MIP class.

Melissa Reid
Fox 8 News Reporter

Dr. Akram Boutros
MetroHealth System President and CEO

Antoine Dunn

Stephanie Sheldon
Cleveland Flea Founder

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