Singles File: Angie Stetzy

Accountant, Amtrust Bank

>> The perfect date: Start with dinner and maybe an event in town that might be going on

>> Something most people don’t know about me: I have a real creative streak — photography, home improvement projects.

>> Biggest turn-on: A sense of humor

>> Biggest turn-off: Aggressiveness

>> My favorite ... place in Cleveland: East Fourth Street... sports team: Cleveland Indians ... vacation destination: A cruise to any place warm, with a lounge chair and a mojito. That was an easy one.

>> In high school, I was ...Very studious.
>> My best feature: My hair. I’ve always gotten a lot of compliments on it.

>> My bad habit: Impatience. I’m very results-oriented, very goal- oriented, and I like to accomplish them quickly.

>> My first kiss: I was 13. It was at the icerink.

>> Three things I can’t live without: My son, running and relaxation.

>> How my ex would describe me: The one that got away.

>> Blonds or brunets? Brunets. I’ve always dated brunets.

>> Going out or staying in? A combination of both, depending on my mood

>> Early, late or right on time? Early, so I can accomplish more in my day.

>>  Dogs or cats? Dogs.

>> Beer, wine or martinis? Beer.

>> Roses or chocolates? Roses. I don’t have a sweet tooth.

>> My No. 1 dating rule: I try not to be judgmental or critical. Be optimistic, and give everyone the benefit of the doubt.

>> I hate when a date orders: For me

>> Worst pick-up line: The typical, “Can I buy you a drink?” So overused.

>> My Longest relationship? Six years.

>> On a first date, I never ...Kiss, and I never provide too much personal information.

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