Singles File: Ciarra Nelson

Anchor/reporter at TV 20 News

>> The perfect date: Someplace like Build-A-Bear, somewhere you can pick something together, somewhere you can show your creativity. I also love romantic dinners and then going to a nice place, a lounge or whatever, to talk and have a glass of wine.

>> Something most people don’t know about me: Even though I work in the media and on air, I’m very shy.

>> Biggest turn-on: I love men that are very well groomed, smell good, have good etiquette.

>> Biggest turn-off: I hate men with long nails, a bad mouth [i.e. swearing a lot] and no manners.
>> My ringtone: “Superwoman” by Alicia Keys

>> My favorite ... sports team: I really like the Cavaliers ... book: The Bible. It gives me true knowledge and wisdom ... vacation destination: The Bahamas. It’s so beautiful, so serene, so peaceful — one of the best spots in the whole world.

>> Beer, wine or martinis: I really love a nice German Riesling.

>> My best feature: My smile and my open heart
>> Three things I can’t live without: Family, friends and dinner reservations. Cell phone, Pepsi and my family

>>  How my ex would describe me: He would describe me as a keeper.

>> I hate when a date orders: If you order pot roast, it’s like, OK, he’s boring. Who goes to dinner and orders pot roast?

>> My No. 1 dating rule: He has to be on time. I hate when guys are late.

>> If I could marry anyone: Barack Obama. He’s a very smart, intellectual man, very caring about his family.

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