Singles File: Tom Kondilas

Filmmaker and founder, LESS productions; member, Convergence Continuum
>> Something most people don’t know about me: I love rocking out to Journey.

>> My ringtone: “Stress” by Justice.
>> Biggest turn-on: Probably sincerity. It’s great if they can make you laugh or think, but the most basic part of that is if you’re 100 percent true to yourself in every situation and if you make a connection, that’s pretty hot.
>> Biggest turn-off: Racism. It’s hard to get back in the mood if someone drops a colorful comment.

>> I own too many: Books. They’re all over the place, ranging from poetry to nonfiction.

>> My favorite ... place in Cleveland: The Shoreway. Driving through downtown, it is pretty awesome. It’s my favorite highway in all the land ... book: The Dream Songs by John Berryman ... vacation destination: I like going to the Everglades National Park in Florida ... dessert: Tiramisu. I really like Presti’s and Corbo’s in Little Italy.

>> In high school I was ... Completely oblivious to my own immaturity. I don’t think I had a sense of how vastly different others’ perspectives were different than mine. I assumed people saw the world as a fairly similar place.

>> My best feature: My willingness to talk about anything

>> My bad habit: I say “like” too much. And I often try to do too many other things while I drive, but I’m working on that.

>> My first kiss: I was in fourth grade watching Aladdin at the movie theater when I made my move.

>> Three things I can’t live without: My loved ones, good conversation and Dortmunder Gold
>> Blond or brunette: My history suggests brunettes; however, I don’t discriminate.

>> Early, late or right on time: Late, no doubt. I would say it usually falls within the fashionably late parameter.

>> Dogs or cats: Definitely dogs. I have two boxer mixes, Mr. Bones and Chewbacca.

>> How long after your first date do you wait to call? It’s hard to make rules about this. I guess I’ll call as soon as I can’t take it anymore.

>> My No. 1 dating rule: Be respectful. And everything else should take care of itself.

>> That I wear on a first date: I’ll probably wear jeans, and T-shirt and a jacket. I definitely look like an anthropology professor.

>> I hate when a date orders: For me. If you’ve discussed what to order in advance, some people will take the initiative to order, but I think it’s pretentious.

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