Singles Out: Steve Kozak

Steve Kozak, 26
Digital production specialist, Fathom SEO

The perfect date: Honestly, I think my perfect date would be just going out and grabbing dinner and hanging out and getting a couple drinks because you can get to know about a person. And it’s better than awkwardly sitting in a movie theater in the dark.

Something most people don’t know about me:
I’m extremely creative. I don’t tend to come off that way, but I work in a creative field.

My cell phone:
is the worst piece of technology ever created. It’s a BlackBerry Storm, and it is impossible to text on, and I am kind of addicted to text messaging. I also lost all of my contacts while updating the software on the phone — about 300 numbers. 

Biggest turn-on:
A girl that can keep me entertained and keep me laughing and can enjoy my extreme sense of humor.

Biggest turnoff:
Girls who are possessing and overbearing and jealous because I’ve dealt with that too much.

I own too many:
video games

My favorite … place in Cleveland:
Probably the Tremont area because it’s a little bit more of a mature crowd, and you can actually hold a conversation in the bars. … sports team: Cleveland Indians … book: I Am America (And So Can You) by Stephen Colbert … vacation destination: Virginia Beach. I went with my entire family, and we had a big house on the beach. It was pretty entertaining getting 30 crazy Lebanese people in one house. … dessert: Anything that involved massive amounts of chocolate … blog:  I actually avoid blogs at all possible costs because I’m not really interested in other people’s opinions and counting it as news or official information.

Facebook: yes or no?
Yes, because it was awesome when it first started. But recently I absolutely hate it because it’s way over the top, and I don’t care that somebody is not happy because it’s Monday and what their status message is.

My usual hangout:
During the summer, the Clevelander, because that’s where everyone from the Indians tends to go after games on the weekends.

In high school I was …
prom king.

My passion:
Graphic design and animation

My best feature:
My complexion — does that work?

My bad habit:
Probably biting my fingers

My first kiss:
I was 14, and it was during the summer at a pool party.

My guilty pleasure:
Eating too much. I eat like a freak of nature. I’m addicted to forcing myself to work out every day.

How my ex would describe me:
Probably too involved in other things that weren’t the relationship

Blonds or brunettes:
I’ve probably dated both, but I tend to fall more towards brunettes.

Going out or staying in:
Staying in

Early, late, or right on time:
I’m usually an early person.

Dogs or cats:
Dogs. I hate cats.

My longest relationship:
Two years when I was in college

Beer, wine or martinis:
Christmas Ale

Roses or chocolates:
Roses are pretty classy, but chocolate is the way to a woman’s heart.

My No. 1 dating rule:
If we go out to dinner, the girl has to eat.

My deal-breaker:
I wouldn’t date any girls who are obsessed with reality shows, such as The Hills or those types of shows.

I hate when a date orders …
I’m pretty open. Nothing really turns me off.

Worst pickup line:
“Are you tired, because you’ve been running through my mind all day!”

If I could marry anyone:
Kaitlin Olson from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

On a first date I never …
try to go too far.

Best place to meet someone:
The grocery store, besides the fact that I’m there literally seven days a week.

Most unusual place I’ve met someone:
On the softball field in college

My take on Cleveland’s single scene:
I think it sucks, honestly. I think people in Cleveland have this mindset that you have to find someone and get settled as soon as possible. And there’s not enough young people who are willing to wait for somebody special to come along.
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