Singles Out: Therese Amato

Therese Amato, 40
Business development, Community Health Partners

The perfect date: When I can tell someone put effort into it and that they planned something.

Something most people don’t know about me: I’m claustrophobic. I get really claustrophobic if I’m somewhere where it’s really overcrowded.

My cell phone: A black EnV. I definitely text a lot, probably more than I call.

Biggest turn-on: I like a guy who has a nice smile and is friendly, outgoing, witty and smart. And, if they like to try new things.

Biggest turnoff: When someone is obsessed about something like cars or sports or working out because usually they’re concentrated on one thing and don’t like to get out and do new things. Everything is good in moderation.

I own too many: Movies, I have a ton of DVDs.

My favorite … place in Cleveland: A Cavs game, and then if we go have dinner, Johnny’s Downtown is cool. … sports team: The Cavs. It’s fun and everyone is excited about the Cavs. There’s a lot of team spirit, and it is a fun atmosphere to be there. … book: The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. It inspires positive thinking. ... vacation destination: Nevis Island, south of Puerto Rico. It has an extinct volcano in the center of it. It’s really cool looking. One side is the Atlantic, and the other side is the Caribbean Sea. It’s so beautiful, it’s relaxing, peaceful and the scenery is amazing. … dessert: Anything that’s chocolaty. I also love something with some type of berry, like red raspberries.

Facebook: yes or no? Yes. I use it to connect with family and friends. I love looking at peoples’ pictures to see what they’re up to and where they’ve gone.

My usual hangout: Salmon Dave’s in Rocky River. It’s nearby, the atmosphere is really casual, they have awesome food and good drinks, and it’s very friendly.

In high school I was … at an all girls high school. There’s not much to say about that. I guess I’m the youngest of nine. I was known for that.

My passion: Traveling. It’s fun to go to new places and see different things. I’ve taken five trips this year. One was my brother’s wedding in California. We rode our bikes over the Golden Gate Bridge.

My best feature: I’ve been told my legs! I’m 5-foot-6 but I have long legs.

My bad habit: I don’t really have any patience. I just like things to happen quickly. I don’t like to sit around and wait.

My first kiss: In grade school when we used to play spin the bottle. I can’t remember who!

My guilty pleasure: Getting a massage. I have had two in the past month. It’s just relaxing. I love the hot stone massage. Then I always have to add a pedicure.

How my ex would describe me: We have a good relationship. He always says, “How’s the mother of my beautiful children?” We’re still friends.

Blonds or brunets: I don’t discriminate. Either one is fine.

Going out or staying in: Mostly go out. I like to do all kinds of stuff: Go out downtown for a movie, or go golf, or go to a Cavs game, or to try new restaurants. I like to be doing things. I don’t want to just go and sit there.

Early, late or right on time: I used to always be late, but then I realized that’s kind of rude.

Dogs or cats: Dogs. I had a dog, but I had to put him to sleep. He was a little cocker spaniel, Max. I’m kind of looking at another one, but I’m not brave enough to have a puppy just yet.

My longest relationship: With my [ex-]husband for 12 years.

Beer, wine or martinis: I like wine and I like martinis, but not traditional martinis. More of a fun cosmo or a pomegranate martini. I love wine, too. I love Chardonnay.

Roses or chocolates: I like both. Dark chocolate. Sometimes guys get red roses. But I like something different, like hot pink or something.

My No. 1 dating rule: I want the guy to be themselves.

My deal-breaker: If they’re rude to the waiter or cab driver, that rubs me the wrong way. If they’re rude to them, they’ll be rude to me.

I hate when a date orders … extra onions.

Worst pickup line: Someone was like, “Hey babe, you look hot, so we should go out.” He didn’t even say “hello.”

If I could marry anyone: Hugh Jackman. He’s a nice guy, friendly and seems like he would be a good fun guy to hang out with.

On a first date I never … do lunch during the day. The best first date is putt-putt or something with low expectations.

Best place to meet someone: As you get a little bit older, you change your way of thinking a little bit. It’s harder to meet someone. Being out and about is where you start meeting people, and through your friends and at parties.

Most unusual place I’ve met someone: I’ve met people standing in line at Starbucks where you wait at the very end. It’s not like anything ever came of it, but Starbucks is kind of a place where you can meet people.

My take on Cleveland’s single scene: I go out to Crocker Park. I think it’s kind of tough around here because I feel like we have so many places to go to, so it’s not like you run into the same people on a regular basis. Maybe it’d be nice to have somewhere to go for my age group. I lived in Westlake for 10 years. We’re right next to the lake, but there aren’t any places to hang out.
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