The Influentials: Rick, Ari and Jori Maron

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East Fourth is Cleveland’s Bourbon Street. Dubbed as the soul of the city, the 425-foot-long entertainment strip connects Prospect and Euclid avenues. Lights hang like garlands and neon signage sets the party mood. It’s crammed with hot spots such as House of Blues and Cleveland originals like Pickwick & Frolic, Michael Symon’s Lola and The Corner Alley. Ten years ago, the street offered little more than barred storefronts. One building at a time, the Marons — father Rick and his two sons, Ari, a music major who is the urban planning brain, and Jori, who crunches the numbers — bought, restored and converted the neighborhood. Now, East Fourth Street is a downtown anchor. The Euclid Corridor will be its lifeblood, as it connects this neighborhood with the Marons’ latest project: UPTOWN, University Circle’s new mixed-use development.
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