Weight Watcher

“There’s nothing like having your own TV show to make you think about losing weight,” quips Fox 8 “That’s Life” host Robin Swoboda, who has dropped a whopping 40 pounds since returning to the city’s airwaves last year. But she says her real motivation had nothing to do with her on-camera appearance: She lost weight to get healthy.

“I am not dieting anymore,” says the 49-year-old mother of three.

Her silver bullet has been exercise, five times a week — something Swoboda says she hadn’t done in years. She started with the Bar Method, a tough strengthening-and-stretching regimen that requires a chair, a bathrobe belt and a pair of light weights. “I used it three times, and people started noticing,” she says.

Swoboda then added alternating sessions of Leslie Sansone’s Walk Away the Pounds workout. The physical activity made her more conscious of her food choices. The burger-and-fries lunches were replaced by pita bread dipped in hummus. She swapped the spaghetti dinners with tomato-basil bisque and focaccia bread. She even gave up her beloved Spicy Cheez-Its and other chemical-laden “faux foods” for snacks of fresh grapefruit and walnuts.

“I always tell my children, ‘If you can’t pronounce it, you can’t have it,’ ” she explains. “I thought, I’m not practicing what I preach.”

Aside from having more energy, Swoboda says the biggest payoff has been buying pants in junior sizes at Limited Express and shopping for “fun clothes” instead of stuff that makes her look thinner. Her diet tip for other women: “Get rid of anything with an elastic waist.”
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