| How To | Prepare for Opening Day

John Runion, director of the Stark County Records Center, has gone to Opening Day for 15 seasons running — he even braved the blizzard last year. The Opening Day pro offers his advice on how to dress for the first pitch of the season — rain (or snow) or shine:

Make sure you have gloves (not just your baseball gloves but your winter ones), some sunscreen (it’s been 80 degrees before in March), a coat, your favorite Indians ballcap and a knit hat — just in case.

Be patient with your fellow fans, especially if they didn’t dress right, he says. Offer them your scarf or help them shovel the snow off their bleacher seats.

Sweating or shivering just makes it fun. “It’s a special day,” Runion says. “It’s truly like spring opening up, no matter the weather.”
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