| How To | Protect Yourself Against Midges

Last season, the Indians made headlines when midges descended upon the park during game two of the American League Division Series, bothering players and fans alike. So what’s a city to do? Sorry, folks, there’s no miracle chemical solution to keep those pesky critters away. But John Gedeon Jr., president and general manager of General Pest Control, has a solution. “I’ve got a four-letter word for that,” he says. “Dome.” He also says giant windmills would do the trick, too. Here are few other things to keep in mind when battling the bugs:

Midges usually don’t bite.

Commercial insect repellents have no effect.

They lay eggs in water, and swarm at night.

They’re attracted to lights.

“It’s all just about the balance of nature, and our desire to play baseball at night,” he says. “Sometimes, you just can’t fight Mother Nature.”
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