Paying the Field

We take a look inside Jacobs Field from the home run hitters to hot dog vendors to see who makes what.

Front office Intern
$7 an our

Customer Service Representative
$8 per hour

Corporate Account Executive
$30,000 base salary plus commission

Sales Associate
$8.50 per hour plus commission

Maintenance Staff
21.25 per hour

Safety Personnel
$8.75 per hour

Hot Dog Vendor
$125 per game including tips (average wages)

Fascia scoreboard operator
$16 per hour

Food Service Supervisor
$13 per hour

Food Service Administrator
$12 per hour

Fan photo representative
$8 per hour

Trot Nixon, right field
$3 Million

Warehouse porter
$76 per event

$13.90 per hour

Suite attendant
$7.85 per hour

Club Lounge bartender
$75 in tips per game

Build a Bear representative
$8 per hour

Clubhouse cleaners
$9.10 per hour

Bat boy and ball boy
$6.85 per hour

Case Blake, first base
$3.75 million

$84,000 to $300,000

Victor Martinez, catcher
$3 million

Josh Barfield, second base
$380,000 (league minimum)

Rafael Betancourt, relief pitcher

Eric Wedge, manager
$1.025 million (NY Daily News)

Jake Westbrook, starting pitcher
$6.1 million

Jhonny Peralta, shortstop

Travis Hafner, designated hitter
$3.75 million

Andy Marte, third base
$380,000 (league minimum)

Grady Sizemore, center field

Jason Michaels, left field
$2 million

Souvenir Stand Captian
$8 per hour

Souvenir Stand Bat maker
$8 per hour

Heritage park attendant
$7.82 per hour

Picnic worker
$50 per shift

Market Pavilion grill cook
$65 per game

Usher ticket taker
$8 per hour

Grounds crew member
$9.10 per hour

$20 per hour

Mascot handler
$9 per hour

In- Park host
$16 per hour

Tour guide
$7 per hour

Power blower
$11.45 per hour

Power washer
$9.25 per hour

Guest Services
$7.85 per hour

Restroom attendant
$8.75 per hour

Terrace Club restaurant server
$175 in tips per night

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