Summer Fun Guide: Cleveland Indians by the Numbers

School may be out for summer, but now is the time for some Indians arithmetic.
17 The number of seasons that have been played at Progressive Field

2 The number of days of global goodwill Tribe fans will enjoy during the International Festival (June 28 & 29). The celebration features food, songs and dances by ethnic groups from around the world.

Slider’s age on July 25. The game will include birthday party games by Radio Disney, pre-game cupcakes for kids and appearances by all of Slider’s mascot friends.

7 inches The height of the Shin-Soo Choo bobblehead you can get on June 12. Two others will be given away: the Sizemore wall catch bobblehead on July 24 and the Lofton The Catch bobblehead on Aug. 7.

2 The number of caps you can get this summer. Don’t miss the Indians Floppy Hat on July 17 and the Sizemore 24 cap on Aug. 28.

1,369 The number of shells that explode per minute during an average fireworks show. Ten post-game shows are scheduled, including two in honor of Independence Day July 2 & 3.

$1 The cost of a hot dog at Progressive Field on June 10, July 29, Aug. 12 and Sept. 24.
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