Choose Your Own Adventure

The arrival of the hot and sunny heart of summer means it's time to get out and explore. Hit the water, pedal the day away, or set off through the forest on foot. We've scouted out 60 ways to make the most of the longest and most beautiful days of the yea
The Ohio & Erie Canalway Towpath Trail and three other great places to ride
Whipp's Ledges and three other spots where the words "rock star" take on new meaning
Fairport Harbor and three other places to spend an afternoon on the water
Rocky River Park and three other spots to take in an end-of-day light show


Go Fish
We sought out the wisdom of 71-year-old fisherman King Solomon, who counts Gordon Park and East 55th Street among his favorite places to cast a line.
For the Birds
Cuyahoga Valley National Park resource management division chief Lisa Petit shows us there's still some great music being made at the former Richfield Coliseum site.
Land of Plenty
Lorain County Metro Park's Gary Gerrone takes us out to explore the marshes and swamps where you'll find critters galore.


  • Paddle Powered
    Want an up-close look at Ohio in its natural state? All you need is a friend, a sunny afternoon and our advice.
  • Trail Raisers
    Sure, the journey may be the most important part, but having a destination makes everything a lot more fun.
  • Sure Shot
    Picture-perfect nature photos start here.
  • Creature Feature
    Misunderstood animals (and insects) are the main draw at these park events.
  • Suit Yourself
    Whether you're taking an afternoon hike or spending serious time in the woods, the right gear is essential.
  • Fleet Feet
    Trade the flip-flops for sneakers at one of these summer races.

Where to ...

Rent a Jet Ski
It's like a motorcycle on water? We're interested. Where can we get one?
Camp Out (Or In)
City slickers with cabin fever have a range of options, from taking in the outdoors settler-style or roughing it in a historic inn.
Pick Your Own Fruit
Here are four places where you can pick the day away.
Take It All In
Here are three postcard-worthy vistas to enjoy while you're out exploring. Don't forget your camera.

How To ...

  • Windsurf
    It doesn't take a boat — or a boatload of money — to sail Lake Erie. If you can walk, talk and breathe, you can windsurf.
  • Pitch In for Our Parks
    You've had your fun; now it's time to get your hands dirty.
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