Best of Cleveland Party | Public Hall, Oct. 16, 2015

Kimberly Martin and Sarah Forrer

Dennis Lafferty, Surendra Sanichar and Rob Sanson

Owen Park and Adria Clark

Justin Gorski and Laura Ross

Stephen Kariotakis, Frank Sanchez and Hugh Brennan

Magic Mike, Sherry "Sigrid" Groom and trolls from the Troll Hole

Tony Farina, Val Ventura and David Yeh

Get on Up

Andy Provenza, Anita Simko, and Alicia and Hans Hansen

Jillian Doskocil and Jamie Boyer

Justin Carson, and Carolyn and Paul Benner

Amanda Clark

Fox 8 News team

Jennifer Keirn and Kristina Schneider

Patty Campo and Liz Bishop

Claire and Nick White

Tim Richards and Jen Toohey

Marty and Sarah Desmond, and Craig and Rebecca Riedel

Cities and Coasts

Eddie and Ashley Tancredi