A Trio of Easy Home Improvements

Project #3: Foyer Fix-up
Foyers are often overlooked in holiday home décor, says Kresnye. Pack away that foyer console table for the holidays, she says, replacing it with a bench that allows guests to sit and remove wet shoes and boots. Invest in a decorative boot tray to store messy shoes, even making it a part of your holiday décor by decorating a set of kids’ boots and using them as a poinsettia planter.

Project #2: Light It Up
“There’s nothing worse than a room that’s too dark when you’re entertaining,” says Patrick Hurst of Hurst Design-Build Remodeling in Middleburg Heights. Take stock of light fixtures to determine which are undersize, outdated or simply not at the proper wattage. “Replacing them with lighting that’s sized appropriately and provides the right type of light makes a huge difference in the room’s ambience,” he says. For best lighting flexibility, Hurst suggests installing dimmer switches — a quick, affordable and easy update.

Project #1: Quick Room Warm-up
“Just as we layer our clothes in the colder months to keep warm, we need to apply the same concepts to our homes during cold Cleveland winters,” says Diana Kresnye of Chesterland’s Devine Designs. To give a room a quick warm-up, Kresnye recommends replacing lightweight floral drapes with heavier, textured curtains. Add an area rug and rearrange furniture to bring it closer to the center of the room and to the fireplace. If you’re planning to paint, Kresnye suggests such warm colors as Benjamin Moore’s Roasted Sesame (#2160-40), Deer Path (#1047) and Rosemary Sprig (#2144-30).
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