Land of Champions Land of Champions

Feature story

In honor of our banner year, we give a ringing endorsement to 72 of our city's champions — wine slushies, balloon caricatures, crispy chicken feet, an art vending machine and more. Plus, readers vote for their favorites. 

Sweet Water Caravan

Best of Cleveland 2016: Mobile Bar

Sweet Water Caravan provides customized bar service to outdoor events via a refurbished, Pinterest-worthy camper.

Local Happenings

Jasper Wood Scovill Thumbnail

The Lost Art of Jasper Wood

In the late 1940s, his photography captured the struggle of everyday Clevelanders. But at the height of his notoriety, the anarchist and free speech advocate gave up his art. Now 60 years later, a new exhibit takes a fresh look at the city he portrayed.


The Weekender: 5 Things to Do Oct. 20-23

World Series hype has us wanting to start the weekend early, so plan a great one with Halloween bashes, a music and arts fest for a good cause and more.


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