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Feature story

Cleveland has always welcomed refugees from around the globe. But as the worldwide crisis grows, does our city have the resources and the will to open its doors even more?

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Memory Tricks

A journey through musty journals reveals a fresh path.

Local Happenings

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Cuyahoga River Fire 1969  Thumb

Can Cleveland Find an Activist Spark?

The 1969 Cuyahoga River fire was a symbol that lit up a movement. Do we need something similar to ignite change today?

Warner Swasey Observatory

Hidden Cleveland: Three Ruins

From the Warner & Swasey Observatory to Aviation High School, we root around for some long lost structures.

Popcorn decorations

Let's Get Nostalgic

Decorate your home this season with these three throwback finds.


The Weekender: 5 Things to Do Dec. 3-5

This weekend in the city you’re bound to run across at least one ice carver, some hot cocoa and a heck of a lot of lit-up Christmas trees.


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