Award Winning Landscapes Begin Here

Since 1965, Ohio Landscape Association members have shared a vision that through exceptional work ethic, ongoing training and education, business ethics, quality design, sound horticultural sciences and a passion for the green world, they could forever change the way people think of their landscape.

The Ohio Landscape Association is a nonprofit trade association dedicated to establishing the highest professional standards in landscape design, contracting and customer service through its publications and educational seminars.

In 1997, the Ohio Landscape Association created the Landscape Ohio! Landscape Enhancement Awards Program to increase public awareness of proper landscape design and installation; to emphasize how it can improve the environment in which we work and live; and to applaud property owners who invest in quality landscapes.

Landscape contractors and designers submit a series of photographs of projects with detailed descriptions of each project and how their client’s desires were fulfilled. Projects are separated into 19 different categories so similar projects can be compared. Not all categories have entries or winning projects. A panel of judges comprised of respected industry professionals reviews the projects, looking carefully for exceptional design and craftsmanship. Projects must meet very high standards to be recognized in this professional competition. To ensure objectivity, the identity of the entrants is kept secret throughout the judging process.

Projects were submitted in November and the judging takes place in December. Winners were held in suspense until a dinner and Academy Awards-style presentation was held in late March. The event was graciously hosted by the Cleveland Botanical Garden and made possible by the generous support of many industry sponsors.

The Ohio Landscape Association is proud to highlight the winners of the Ninth Annual Landscape Ohio! Landscape Enhancement Awards Program and we invite you to dream of the landscape that could be in your own back yard!

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