Commercial Installation -- Category III

GreenScapes Landscape Co.

GreenScapes Landscape Co. of Columbus brought a little bit of nature into a landlocked apartment complex in Columbus with a rooftop garden. The project was created around an in-ground pool and provides a backyard atmosphere.

The project consisted of installing plantings, irrigation, brick pavement and mortared brick walls with limestone capes. A fire pit was also put in, along with stainless-steel grills set into granite countertops.

Because materials could not be taken to the roof through the building, supplies were trucked in daily and hauled to the roof by a crane.

On the ground level, GreenScapes also installed brick and concrete unit pavers, granite cobbles and steel brick pavements. Trees, shrubs and groundcover in raised planters were installed adjacent to the building.

Todd’s Enviroscapes Inc.

Todd’s Enviroscapes Inc. of Louisville renovated a garden and patio at the First Ladies’ National Historic Site in Canton. Beds and planters were installed. A stone patio was replaced with brick.

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