Enclaves: Clifton Park in Lakewood

117 single-family homes Median appraised home value: $538,400
A tangle of streets between the lake and the railroad tracks, Clifton Park is quiet enough today. But in the 1870s and ’80s, it was a well-known resort area. There were beaches and boating, large picnic groves, a dance hall and even beer gardens. People traveled there either via the railroad (there was a stop on Sloane Avenue) or in wagons on what were then bumpy dirt roads.
Ultimately, the resort was not successful and, in 1894, plans were made to build an exclusive residential community. It was touted as “the finest suburban residence property accessible to Cleveland” — only 32 minutes to Public Square by streetcar.
Clifton Park still has a private beach — and a unique identity. Residents meet for Friday night dinners, clambakes or even just a glass of wine on the beach.
The one must for any outdoor get-together: tablecloths (even if you must anchor them down due to the strong lake breezes) and fresh flowers.
“Moving here is like moving into the 1950s,” says Rhonda Loje, resident and president of the board of the Lakewood Historical Society.
“You know all 200 of your neighbors.”
Insiders who live here:
Entrepreneurs such as Ray and Carolyn Castelluccio, the husband-wife team that runs Area Temps, and Richard Wiedemer, the president of Hinkley Lighting. Also, tons of doctors.
Appraised Value Street Square Feet # of Bedrooms # of Baths Year Built
$1.8 million Lake Road 4.447 4 4 1903
$1.27 million Lake Road 7,210 7 4 1899
$1.17 million Lake Road 4,692 7 4 1898
$1.07 million Lake Road 5,874 6 3 1921
$1.06 million Lake Road 4,394 5 4 1953
$1.04 million Lake Road 3,641 7 3 1923
$1.02 million Lake Road 5,234 7 4 1926
$1.01 million Beach Road 4,483 6 3 1940
$1 million Lake Road 4,665 6 3 1927
$996,200 Lake Road 4,857 7 4 1912
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