Residential Maintenance

Lifestyle Landscaping Inc.
Lifestyle Landscaping Inc. of Grafton beautifully captures theseasons at this two-acre Huron estate by integrating a burstof colorful annuals with perennials and groundcover. The presenceof rabbits, groundhogs or occasional deer and the meticulousplacement of steps all have all been taken into considerationon this property, ultimately creating a harmonious blend of natureand nurture.

Year-round color is key to the incredible effect achieved byplanting annuals in both spring and fall. From the entry on thesweeping brick driveway to the curving bed at the front door,massive sweeps of seasonal color create a bold statement; coloris everywhere.

Typically, achieving something with a "œwow" factor takestime. In this case, continual maintenance is required in order toachieve Lifestyle Landscaping Inc.'s remarkable balance of plantingand natural aesthetics. Maintenance includes hand-mulchingperennials and groundcovers, and hours of hand-weeding,deadheading and pruning definitely come into play. The result,however, is a landscape that is not only natural-looking but alsomanicured in all seasons.

The Ohio Valley Group Inc.
The Ohio Valley Group Inc. credits attention to detail for itssuccess maintaining this property. Using an appropriatesizedmower remedies the problem of keeping grass clippingsout of beds using decorative stones. In fact, rainbow gravel servesmany purposes, acting as a frame and transition and also helpingto maintain a weed-free environment. Annual plantings ofgeraniums, begonias and ageratum contrast with the foliage ofsurrounding shrubs and grasses, and variegated hostas line a peagravel path through mature woods.

What to Ask
Q: What consideration should homeownerstake into account when planning theirlandscape?
A: The integration of old and new is important.They should consider how much theylike to garden. Perennials are interesting butrequire more maintenance. They also shoulddetermine if they want to be proactive."” Mike Mazzurco, H&M Landscaping Inc.OLA1 6 3/1/07 10:40:26 AM

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