Rating the Suburbs '08

Sorry, you’re going to have to wait until next week to find out which city claimed the top spot in this year’s Rating the Suburbs issue (or check out editor Steve Gleydura’s appearance on NewsChannel 5 Friday afternoon). In the meantime, here’s what those who took our readers’ survey said was important to them (or not) in a community:

63.4% said walkable neighborhoods were “extremely important”
48% said locally owned retail shopping was “important”
42.6% said a community’s historic charm was “important”
35.8% said having a recreation center in their community was “important”
30.9% said access to public transit was “important”
27.5% said it “doesn’t matter” if there is big-box shopping within three miles of home.
18.6% said large lots were “extremely unimportant”
10.8% said living in a Lake Erie shore community was “extremely important”
6.4% said a rural feel was “extremely important”
3.4% said having access to interstates was “extremely unimportant”

Demographically speaking …
38.2% said their morning commute takes 15 to 30 minutes
47.1% live on the East Side
31.4% live on the West Side

Check back June 1 to see the full Rating the Suburbs online component. For the full rankings, pick up a copy of Cleveland Magazine at your nearest newsstand.

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