Rating the Suburbs - Bath

Larry Nance, 50
retired Cavaliers forward
Bath has some beautiful ponds. We live right on a pond. A lot of friends we have come right in the backyard and fish on the pond. That’s why we never moved. We see so much wildlife, like deer and snakes.
We even have a pet swan.

When we were looking at this house, my wife was inside with the Realtor. I thought I’d go get my fishing rod, and the first time I threw it out, I caught a bass. I said, “Oh yeah. This is the place for us.” We’re still here.

I used to be the best basketball player who lived in Bath. That title is long gone now that LeBron is here. But I’m digging it. I’m one of his biggest fans. That has brought a lot of awareness to Bath. I’ve never seen him out, though. He could be in a different state and they’d know him. It has to be tough on him. He can’t go anywhere.

People look at Bath as a rich community. My wife says people think it’s kind of snobby. I don’t think the people here are snobby, though.

This is a pretty quiet area. I’m the noisiest one, because I have the street car making all that noise.

Two places we love to eat: Ken Stewart’s Lodge and Gasoline Alley. Ken Stewart’s is pretty upscale. Gasoline Alley is a little deli. I love the corn chowder.

We don’t have a community center for sports. We have the land. If we had a big gym and a swimming pool like some of the other communities have, I think that would be awesome. We have plenty of people around here who would use that stuff.

We never considered private school. My daughter played on Revere’s basketball team, and the school system is one of the top rated in the state in terms of test scores.
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