Rating the Suburbs - Bedford

Mikie Mayton, 41
tattoo artist and owner of A NU TATT2
There are a lot of things people don’t know about Bedford, like the tunnels under the ground. They were used during the Prohibition days.

I would do
a Bedford tattoo, but no one has asked for one yet. I would want to do something involving that artist ... he painted The Spirit of ’76? [Bedford native Archibald M. Willard.]

Bedford is
definitely on the upswing. Bedford ain’t no stale cracker.

There are
churches like every three feet here.

Tattooing here,
a lot of people want religious tattoos. A lot of praying hands, a lot of RIPs, a lot of mom and dad banners. You have a lot of Catholic people here and people seem grounded in moral standards, and they want to represent that.

Watch the Cavaliers
or Indians at the bar Gee’s. It’s a good bar, lots of regulars, and it has a homey feel.

My older son,
something he said to me when we moved here was, “I get along with my teachers. They really like me.” He hated school. You
can see the difference in him. I don’t want to say something bad about another place, but his report card shows it. He went from a C average to As and Bs. He’s saddened when he gets Bs. That’s so nice. The teachers push him.
I worked for Ford for a year. I drew car parts for European cars. I used AutoCAD. It wasn’t me, though. It was a suit job. I’m not a suit guy.

It is still
a small town. It ain’t what you know, it’s who you know around here.

Forty-seven tattoos
. I’ve been collecting since 1985.

I like doing black and gray,
realistic tattoos. Portrait-style. I’m a realist in life, so that’s what I like doing. I can do anything, but that’s my favorite to do.
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