Rating the Suburbs - Highland Heights

Betty Klaric,77
retired Cleveland Press writer
There are good city-sponsored athletic programs for the kids: summer programs, baseball — that sort of thing. I don’t pay too much attention to that since I don’t have kids, but the parents seem to like it.

In these older neighborhoods, people tend to look out for each other. We keep an eye on our neighbor’s house, and they watch ours.

They recently put in these flashing signs on several streets. Some people love them. I think it’s gauche myself, but it at least alerts you to council meetings and activities.

I don’t usually go to council meetings, except once when they started discussing the expansion of the Cuyahoga County Airport. They wanted to reroute traffic through here.

I like that the city fathers have taken a position against the expansion plan. The noise, a late-night flight going over your house ... this community doesn’t want that, and it’s arguable if it’s really necessary.

The city could be a little more aggressive in encouraging more recycling programs. We have it, but I wish more people participated.

A neighbor of mine always hangs her laundry [to save energy]. More power to her.

Location, location, location. There’s easy accessibility to the freeways. I’ve worked downtown all my life, until I retired.

North Chagrin Reservation. I would take a visitor there to look at the ducks.

As far as I know, there have been no scandals, and the government here runs fairly smoothly.

There are several new restaurants: Harry Buffalo, which seems to be popular, and another bar on the corner here — Mulligans. There are a hell of a lot of people in there during the day so they must be serving something, but there was no food when I went.

I wish
Highland Heights was more attuned architecturally. This development is a little different, but I wish the city had not allowed cookie-cutter houses. But I don’t think they had the resources, the staff to do that.

They’re still building here. There’s been a lot of construction in this area. They just put in several new streets. Another new development, called Maypine Farms — we were just walking down there the other day.
I’m a vegetable gardener, and I have room for a garden and raspberry plants. A lot of older people here, they don’t want that much property.

Like most suburbs, you have to drive everywhere. If you want to walk to the corner store, you just can’t do that. I suppose that’s a downside, because it’s a much-preferred way to live.
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