Rating the Suburbs - Lakewood

Corey Rossen, 35
co-owner of Rozi’s Wine House
My family has been here forever. I’m the fourth generation. This will be our 70th year. My great-grandpa started the store after Prohibition. He had a connection that said there were liquor licenses opening up in Lakewood. He moved up here with his insider knowledge.

I wish people knew how hard family storefronts work these days.

Every corner has a park. Every park has a swing set. Every swing set has kids to play with.

At a young age, our baseball field was at the corner of the street. During middle school, you rode your bike to school. In high school, everything was around. In college, there were many reunion places to go. Every age group had their own place.

Every weekend we pick a couple different swing set parks to go visit. It doesn’t matter what school the park is at, my kids name it after the slide. One park has a pink slide, so it’s pink park. Another park has a yellow slide, so it’s yellow park.

We’re ranked 35th in the world as best beer retailer by ratebeer.com. You can go to Belgium or you can come to Rozi’s.

We look like a circus family. We have a big double-tandem bike with the trailer that goes on the back, and we have three kids. I will be on the front steering and peddling; we have one in the backseat and two in the trailer. It’s 20 feet long as we drive down the street.

We went to the Beck Center for Peter Pan. I even wrote to them and told them I had one of my best dad moments ever at the Beck Center.

You could be 21 here and still say that’s neat to see a mom, dad and kids walking around the block in a stroller. At a younger age you know what you’re growing into.
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