Rating the Suburbs - Painesville Township

Joe Coursen, 34
race car driver
You’re always reading in the paper, good or bad, about someone you went to school with.

A lot of people I grew up with are still in the neighborhood. They went to Riverside, and their kids will go to Riverside just like I did and just like my kids will.

Some things have changed, some stayed the same. Route 20 is all different. It’s built up. New developments everywhere. But Park Road is the same old bumpy road it’s always been.

You get around there in 13 seconds. You have 15 to 18 cars. It’s like shaking a Pepsi: Pop the lid, and watch out.

Sit in turns one and two. There’s usually action there. I wouldn’t sit in the grandstand.

The fastest guy starts in the back. The only way to win is to just pass everyone on the outside.

The sheriff patrols pretty good. You have to get the speeding and craziness out of your system on the racetrack. Besides, on the road I usually have my kids so I have to drive safe.

Order the Italian at The Depot.

You can watch a movie cheap and eat popcorn cheap. The Cinema 20. They have one movie playing there.

My boys and I have four-wheelers. Along the railroad tracks there’s a big field, and we go four-wheeling around there. You can still do that here.

Usually when you say Painesville Township, people think Painesville Township Park. It is kind of the armpit of the township. But it’s definitely not as bad as it used to be. It just has a bad reputation.

Some guys get together and go fishing. Some guys get together and go to the bar. We go to the shop. It’s a getaway. “Man cave” is a good term for it.
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