Rating the Suburbs - Twinsburg

Elana and Zoe Felber, 9
[Editor’s note] For 75 of our suburbs, we were content with one person giving us insights into his or her community. But for Twinsburg, home of the world-famous Twins Days (taking place Aug. 7-9), how could we resist double visionaries?
Zoe: It’s the largestgathering of twins in the world. It says that on the T-shirt.

Elana: We like to be in the parades. We all have to dress in certain clothes. There’s always a theme. What was one of the themes?

Z: Oooh! Sugar and Spice and Everything Twice. We dressed like cooks.

E: There are three sets of twins on our softball team.

Z: There are two sets of twins in afternoon Latchkey.

E: We’re alike because ...

Z: We look alike.


E: We were born minutes apart.

Z: 14 minutes.

E: We both like riding our bikes.

Z: ... Mmm hmm. And softball and soccer.

E: We both like reading and science. But we’re different, too. We’re different because we eat different kinds of food.

Z: Way different.

E: I’m the picky eater, and she’ll eat anything.

Z: Is this all on tape?


E: My favorite restaurantin Twinsburg is Fresh Start Diner. I get the salami with mayonnaise.

Z: Damon’s is my favorite restaurant. Mac and cheese.

E: We had a bake sale. We made a name up called the “No Cancer Girls.”

Z: We raised moneyfor Twinsburg Relay for Life.

E: We made $24.

Z: The squareis fun to play at.

E: We climb on the monument.

Z: It’s a giant statue.

E: We’re going to a thousand camps this summer. Soccer, softball and golf. Regular camp. Art camp. Mad Science Camp. All in Twinsburg.

Z: Can I say my favorite season? It’s fall, because we get to jump in the leaves.

E: Our dog’s name is Skittles.

Z: And our fish’s name is Dennis. We won the fish at a carnival. We’ve had him for six years.

E: My mom, my sister and the dog are all girls, so we had to name the fish like a boy. Dad was outnumbered.


E: If one of us is sick, the other brings a picture of the sick sister to school. We like doing it.

Z: You don’t do it!

E: I did it once!

Z: Once!Psh. I’ve been doing it my whole life.
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