Rating the Suburbs 2013: Survey Says

How we did it: This year we asked more that 400 suburban Clevelanders to tell us what it's like living in the 'burbs - everything from their relationship with their neighbors to the strangest thing they've ever seen in their town. From February through March, respondents answered questions online at surveymonkey.com. The margin of error is ±4.6 percent

Ground Crew

THE GRASS IS ALWAYS GREENER when we care for our own lawns, with the majority of suburbanites taking on all yard work themselves. that doesn't mean landscaping businesses are out of work, though (even if nearly 9 percent just hire them to fertilize once a year). The neighborhood kid with the mower, on the other hand, has hit tough times.


Home Invasion

WE'RE A NOSY BUNCH. More than one out of every three of us has toured a neighbor's house after they've put for a for-sale sign out front, and nearly seven out of 10 of us have used online sites such as Zillow.com or Trulia.com to find out what the house next door is worth (even if it's not for sale). In fact, 28.2 percent of people who took our survey say they've done both.

Holiday Hangover

A MERE SLIVER OF US ARE SCROOGES when it comes to the date Christmas decorations should come down. the vast majority of us, however, are cool with our neighbors' display of merriment glowing from accross the street well into the new year.

Bizarre Behavior

We asked, so you told us the weirdest things you've ever seen in you neighborhood. We picked 15 of our favorites - see if you can find them all.

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