The Best of Cleveland - $1 Burger

Any value menu worth its frozen patties offers a 99-cent burger these days, so imagine our skepticism when we heard rumor of a real hamburger for just a penny more atBar Louie in Legacy Village (Tuesdays after 5 p.m.). But there it was: a full-size hamburger — the same one that any other day sells for $8.99 — for just a buck. The crazy-busy restaurant was packed with families, businesspeople, college kids and a harried waitstaff. Yes, there is a tiny catch: To get a $1 burger, you have to buy a beverage. Oh, and the burger comes plain. It’s a quarter for sauces and pickles or 50 cents for cheese, veggies or what they call “artery cloggers” such as bacon. But try asking for buffalo sauce, chipotle mayo, olive mix or butter grilled spinach (just some of Bar Louie’s topping options) at that place where you “have it your way.” So it’s perfectly fine with us that our burger with crispy onions, grilled mushrooms and chipotle mayo was $2.25 ... and the glass of Savignon Blanc was $8. 24337 Cedar Road, Lyndhurst; (216) 325-1120;
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