The Best of Cleveland - Lobster Roll

An assortment of fresh fish lines the display case. Hot and creamy clam chowder is ladled into bowls and to-go quarts. An employee hands out a crisp, toasted bun overflowing with chunks of succulent lobster tossed with mayonnaise ... for only $5.50. The catch? This isLobster Brothers Seafood Co.’s modest storefront in Westlake, hundreds of miles from the sea-soaked beaches of the East Coast, where lobster shacks are aplenty. Still, the sandwich is fresh, tasty and a delight to our Northeast Ohio taste buds (too often accustomed to pizza and pierogis). It’s a gourmet meal with a casual presentation — much like the beach lifestyle that inspires it. 26055 Detroit Road, Westlake; (440) 835-0013;
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