By the Numbers


The number of fields available for study within Gilmour Academy's Catalyst science program, an elective course allowing college-prep students to conduct research under the guidance of professional scientists and organizations. Fields of study include astrophysics, biochemistry, pharmacology and molecular biology, with students studying at places such as Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland Clinic, the Cuyahoga County Coroner's Office and the NASA Glenn Research Center.


The number of student-athletes who played football for the Open Door Christian Schools Patriots last season, the institution's first year of high school football since it was founded in 1976. The team, competing at the junior varsity level, did go winless in their initial eight-game slate, but have a full 10-game schedule for 2012. Holding steady at 15 players again this season, the school hopes to transition to a full varsity schedule by 2014.


The approximate number of students enrolled each year in St. Vincent-St. Mary High School's Russian language classes. The school offers four levels, including honors and Advanced Placement options. "Russia is the largest country by area," says Russian language teacher Jennifer Philip. "It's re-emerging and it's growing." The school has a Russian club and Philips takes her students to Russian restaurants and stores in Cleveland for real-world speaking practice.


The number of service and volunteer hours completed by the Beaumont School Class of 2012 during their high school years. The school requires all students to complete at least 80 hours of service before graduation, but last year's class of 101 girls took things a bit further, averaging more than 175 hours per student. Trips to El Salvador and Honduras and a school-wide annual service day helped contribute to the final tally.

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