Halle Biggar

Student Study Guide:
I. Warm Up
     A. 18-year-old Hathaway Brown graduate
          1. "I've learned how to work with others and • how to understand people's different perspectives."
     B. Going to Colgate University on a field hockey scholarship
          1. Plans on studying sports medicine or physical therapy

II. Lacrosse
     A. Started in sixth grade to be with her friends
     B. Practiced leadership as HB's varsity co-captain
          1. "I was definitely pushed a lot by harder teams."
     C. Led HB to the 2010 Division II State Championship & named tourney offensive MVP
          1. "It was unbelievable, an awesome thing to be sharing such an awesome season."

III. High School Memories
     A. Varsity field hockey and cycling club
     B. Founded the Nifty Needles knitting club with two friends
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