Jen Toohey

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favorite ...

• Spot in the Cleveland Metroparks: The Chippewa Creek trail in the Brecksville Reservation. I love the beach and shoreline made of all those beautiful rocks and pebbles.

• Zoo attractions: The elephants always show great personality. I love seeing them play with their tree branch sticks and each other. I look forward to seeing them return to their new home in 2011.

• Ride at Cedar Point: I liked the Magnum. It’s high enough and fast enough to cause a thrill, but not as giant and scary as some of the other larger coasters that make me overdramatically panic.

• Summer read: Anything in the Shopaholic series by Sophie Kinsella. They’re all lighthearted and fun to read and not a huge commitment.

• Annual summer event: The Tremont Arts and Cultural Festival is my favorite. I love seeing the art and jewelry created by local designers and artists. Plus, there’s tons of ethnically diverse food to munch on — yummy!

• Place you’ll find me this summer: Boating at Portage Lakes, the West Side Market, Crocker Park and biking in the Metroparks.

summer playlist ...

Carolina In My Mind,” James Taylor; “Girl,” Beck; “Three Little Birds,” Bob Marley & the Wailers; “Six-pack Summer,” Phil Vassar; “Don’t Tell Me,” Madonna

summer in the city is ...

Unique. The sound changes, the mood changes — everything comes alive, and we all feel when it happens because we get out and experience it together.
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