Taking Stock

Talk about making a comeback. The 40th anniversary of Woodstock has spawned a new movie (Taking Woodstock, Aug. 14), the DVD re-release of an old one (the trippy documentary about the music festival), even a Target product line (T-shirts and napkins — yes, really). And, oh yeah, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum will be marking the occasion as well.

"Woodstock was the whole culmination of the peace-and-love generation — the protests of the Vietnam War," explains Jim Henke, the Rock Hall vice president of exhibitions and director of curatorial affairs. "All these people going to a rock concert in upstate New York ... it was sort of unprecedented."

Woodstock: The 40th Anniversary, on display through Nov. 29, highlights artifacts from the 1969 three-day concert, including John Sebastian's tie-dyed clothing; a contract with Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young; tickets; press releases and much more.

The exhibit also explains what went into creating what is today considered the most famous rock concert of all time and one of the most significant cultural happenings in American history.

"It's something that the generation that grew up with it is still tied to," Henke says.
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