Art Therapy

Jessica Newell often gets a sympathetic, "What a shame," when people learn she quit a stable job as a psychology professor to become a full-time artist. But don't pity her. She's still using those six years of psychology schooling. "I'm constantly analyzing people," says Newell, who opened Jessica's Gallery in the 5th Street Arcades in September, where Transmitting Emotion is on exhibit through March 21. Newell's abstract paintings depict both nature and cityscapes with serenity, hope and vivacity. In Erie Sky (pictured), a fiery sun pulls the viewer out of the chaos of daily life and into its warmth. "It has this dark undertone to it, but there's this aspect of purity and joy," she says. Newell admits to being scared about the future, but living her passion softens fear's grip. "There's this feeling of liberation with my artwork. I've personally started to feel liberated and free." 530 Euclid Ave., Suite 11, Cleveland, 216-702-2588,

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